First Seminar Line Up

Finally full details of our launch Seminar. The theme is “The ‘underclass’ and social mobility“. The first seminar panel will be in the lecture theatre of B6 College, Kenninghall Road, Clapton, E5 8PB on Monday 17th October at 7.30pm.

The panel will include Ken Warman, Principal of the College, Daniella Michaels from House the Homeless, Cllr Rick Muir, associate director for public service reform at the Institute of Public Policy Research and a teenager worried about student fees. The sister of a “rioter” from South London, who was sentenced last week to 4 months at Feltham, will tell us what she thinks caused the problems and a single parent who has gained access to a law course, will explain how the poverty trap has affected her.

If you have voice on Social Issues feel free to contribute pieces for our Blog on social policy or respond by commenting to any of our forthcoming pieces.