Lambs to the Slaughter?

The history of the world, according to Marx, is a history of struggle; you could well argue, the history of wit is one of images – particularly pithy, provocative images in historic tomes like Punch which have contributed to the gaiety of the nation for centuries. George Osborne’s first act as editor of the London Evening Standard was to appoint a new political cartoonist.

Cartoon’s lampoon arrogance, deflate pomposity and (hopefully) reflect an amusing angle on an issue or situation. We were going to use one to reflect my opinion of Brexit – unfortunately, it was considered inappropriate to use during the election and banned.

Fair enough. There has to be sensitivity – maybe, it will be saved for the Brexit negotiations. As things stand, I think the cartoon reflects a perception of where Hard-Brexit Tories are leading us. This is not an election blog. If you are fainthearted, pretend it’s an episode of Dr Who and hide behind the sofa – or look through your fingers at the image attached.

It’s only a cartoon. Any connection with living people or sheep is purely coincidental. Or as Stephen Fry used to say in some episodes of Black Adder: Baaaah!

Here’s the link: lambs

Following the appalling terrorist outrage in Manchester, it’s very fortunate this cartoon wasn’t used. Not because it has any connection; but at a time of national mourning, additional sensitivity is required.